The French Society of Medical Physics (SFPM: Société Française de Physique Médicale) is glad to report that the second of a series of yearly workshops dedicated to young scientists working in Medical Physics research in Europe will take place at the Opal Coast, in Fort-Mahon-Plage, from the 10th to the 13th of September 2017. This year's meeting is dedicated to "Bridging the gap between imaging and therapy". Based on a format initiated by the “Cancéropole Grand Ouest“ in Berder several years ago, the workshop is intended to allow PhD Students and Post-Docs working in Europe to present their work in front of their peers and more senior colleagues. This is facilitated by the sponsoring of the SFPM that provided 25 travel grants and free accommodation to students and young scientists selected for oral presentation.

Deadline for submission is 7th of July

Endorsed by ESTRO



  • Radiomics
  • MRI only workflow
  • MRI Linac
  • MRI standardization
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Dual-energy CT
  • ...

Invited speakers

Jeroen van de Kamer (NKI): Bridging the gap between imaging and radiotherapy

Trevor Esward (NPL): Standardization of MRI

Hervé Saint-Jalmes (LTSI Rennes):  Sequences optimization on pre-clinical MRI

Edmond Sterpin (UZ Leuven), Adaptive radiotherapy (using imaging information)

Christina Boydev (Curie Saint-Cloud): MRI-only radiotherapy


Scientific Committee

Manuel Bardies (Toulouse, INSERM)

Gregory Delpon (Nantes, ICO)

Ludovic Ferrer (Nantes, ICO)

Jeroen van de Kamer (Amsterdam, NKI)

Nick Reynaert (Lille, COL) coordinator

Dirk Verellen (Anvers, GZA)

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